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Live your best life now...

 Consulting and Public Speaking Services

Live your best life now because now is all you've got - and all you will ever have! I have spent almost 3 decades sharing strategies for optimizing life through holistic practices that nurture mind, body, and spirit. 


Private Consulting

What's included in a standard one hour consultation session?

1. A personalized interview designed to assess the client's state of being and desires for improved quality of life.

2. Collaboration with the client to develop both short-term and long-term goals related to the client's concerns and desired outcomes.

3. A specific plan of action designed to propel the client toward his or her short-term and long-term goals.

4. Resources intended to motivate and educate the client further on topics related to the client's desired outcomes.

5. Follow-up support via one email response to client questions related to personalized goals.


  • Bachelor of Science from University of Houston in Interdisciplinary Studies specializing in Early Childhood Education and Sociology

  • Experience and qualifications in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, and K-12 English to Speakers of Other Languages, Migrant Education and Family Support

  • Master of Science from East Carolina University in Communication Sciences and Disorders

  • Practicum and professional experience in Speech Language Pathology in acute care (hospital), outpatient rehabilitation, and public schools

  • 27 years of Autodidactic Study and Practice in Holistic Wellness.

  • A passion for life and a love for humanity

  • Extensive experience working with people who face challenges with substance abuse and addiction. 


Fill out the contact form to schedule a telephone consultation session. I look forward to working with you! 

Public Speaking

If you would like to schedule a public speaking engagement, fill out the contact form below. I (Cinnamin) will be happy to offer a unique and qualified perspective on communication, substance abuse, addiction, nutritional and holistic wellness, and family relationships. 

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