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About the Author

     Cinnamin Herring grew up in the backwoods of southeast Texas. She earned a Bachelor of Science in interdisciplinary studies from the University of Houston. Later, she relocated to North Carolina and fell in love with Appalachia. After teaching elementary school for several years, Cinnamin earned an English for Speakers of Other Languages certification and began working with migrant students in North Carolina. She went on to earn a Master of Science in communication sciences and disorders from East Carolina University.

     Cinnamin’s love of writing was sparked in high school, where her English teachers encouraged daily writing in multiple genres. Over the years, Cinnamin has written in various capacities for professional, social, and personal purposes. She embarked on a serious study of writing in 2016, with a vision to find her truest voice and effectively express it to the world. Her writing reflects a desire to appreciate the human experience in all its complexity. Cinnamin’s writing is an adventure through mindful consciousness. She aims to communicate sincerely and truly while providing entertainment, insight, and inspiration.

     Cinnamin completed her master’s degree while her sons were in high school. Then, she moved to western North Carolina in pursuit of her art and writing dreams. Her goal is to find the things she wants to say and share them with love, enthusiasm, and excellence. Cinnamin writes and makes art to connect with humanity and demonstrate her gratitude for life and love. Her work reflects a variety of moods as she takes readers on a journey of adventure, curiosity, contemplation, observation, and emotion. With life and love at the heart of her passion, it’s no surprise that Cinnamin finds much of her inspiration in close personal relationships and nature.

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